Bruins head to Florida

Ah, the Florida trip. In previous years the Florida trip consisted of an automatic win and a really tough game against Tampa. Those days are seemingly gone after the Florida Panthers loaded up this offseason. In some weird twist of events, it is actually Roberto Luongo who may be Florida’s best player to start the […]

Boston Bruins Updates

The Boston Bruins enter the 2016 NHL season as one of the most interesting teams around. Now having missed the playoffs two years in a row despite 82 wins in each season, there are plenty of interesting odds and lines around the franchise for bettors to consider at X. Missing the playoffs despite winning all […]

Big Deal: Save $25 on ALL Ticket Network Orders

The 4th of July weekend is coming quickly upon us and our friends at Ticket Network are running a special promotion to celebrate our Independence Day! Use promo code USA25OFF to take $25 on all orders over $150.00*. If you can’t save the world from an alien extinction this 4th of July, at least you can save some […]

MLB Farewell Tour: David Ortiz vs Derek Jeter

Two years ago, future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter was making his final appearances at MLB stadiums across the nation. Fans far and wide were lining up at the gates of each American League ballpark and a handful of National League stadiums to see the career-long Yankee shortstop play in that particular city one final […]

2016 Stanley Cup ticket prices drop

The Pittsburgh Penguins (2-1) take on the San Jose Sharks (1-2) tonight in Game 4 of the 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, and ticket prices have been noticeably cheaper than last year. According to data pulled by TicketNetwork, the average price of a Game 4 ticket is $865, compared to $996 in 2015. Location is […]

Fighting…Loving…Killing…There’s no one like “McQuaid”

Embed from Getty Images With trade talk monopolizing a majority of the dialog surrounding this team over the past month (I’ve already made my opinion of the Loui situation abundantly clear), the importance of Adam “Lone Wolf” McQuaid’s return to the lineup has, for the most part, been overlooked.  At this point we are all painfully aware of this […]

The Winter “Crassic” A Commoner’s Guide to the NHL’s New Year’s Tradition

Embed from Getty Images With only 2 days to go before this year’s Winter Classic at Gillette Stadium many fans find themselves scrambling in an effort to finalize plans for the day.  That said, the ticket holding bourgeoisie need not worry because Daddy Henry and the Boston Globe has you covered with their guide to the Winter Classic. […]

“Fake Right Cause I Only Shoot Lefty” All Aboard the Frank Vatrano Hype Train

Embed from Getty Images This is obviously a hell of a lot easier to say in light of his performance Friday night, but I’m officially jumping on the the Frank Vatrano hype train and have no plans ducking off.  Since making his NHL debut on November 7th in Montreal, the kid’s literally done everything asked of […]

Patience Paying off as Claude Continues to Turn in a Masterful Coaching Performance

  We’re 2 months into the season and I think it’s fair to say that Claude is off the proverbial “hot seat.” Taking that a step further, I would argue that he has turned in the single best coaching performance in the league this season. From the tail end of last year straight through mid […]

Three Bruins Games Have Secondary Market Average Ticket Price Above $200 in December

The Boston Bruins continue to hang near the top of the competitive Eastern Conference Atlantic division thanks to their recent play that saw them go 7-1-2 in a 10-game stretch. More impressively they have been defeating quality opponents along the way, as wins against the Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks and Montreal […]

Buckle Up, It’s a Western Canadian Roadie!

View image | With the B’s currently riding a 5 game winning streak, many of us are starting to feel pretty damn good about the state of affairs over on Causeway street.  The team is looking fast, tough and extremely resilient; traits which were basically nonexistent last season. So now we’re looking at 3 game Western Canadian roadie covering Edmonton, […]

Panic or Party? On the Playoff Bubble at Thanksgiving

View image | Is it just me or has the topic of a team’s position in the standings at Thanksgiving been mercilessly pounded into our brains during every game over the last month?  I get it, 75% of teams in the playoff picture at Turkey Day end up in the dance.  It’s definitely a solid barometer, but it’s also […]

It’s not that complicated… Sign Loui!

View image | In case you missed it, Loui Eriksson and his magnificent porn mustache dropped a hatty on the Wild last night at the Garden sparking the first of what will certainly be many rounds of debate over what to do with  the soon to be unrestricted free agent.   Do you move him when […]