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Zikri Daulay finally apologized after Ayu Aulia's hot video went viral which caused an uproar on social media.

Zikri Daulay did not expect the video of kisses and hugs with Ayu Aulia in Bali to go viral. Zikri Daulay's image as a pious boy was destroyed. Warganet blasphemed Zikri out loud.

Zikri reminded netizens that he is also a human being who can make mistakes. He said that netizens had too high expectations of him with the image of a pious boy.

In my life, I'm still human and don't expect anything from anyone, whoever they are, be it father, son, religious leaders, they will do good things and can do wrong too," he said on his Instagram Story, Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

Syakir Daulay's older brother understands that he has made a mistake by displaying intimacy with non-mahram. In addition to apologizing, he was willing to be blasphemed.

"Because mistakes are a natural part of being human. But I do not want to argue and cannot be justified here because I am not an angel who will always be right. Forgive me. You can also judge me because of that," he explained. (Pojoksatu)