Market Scenario

The Transparent Conductive film for display is an electricity-conducting devices that is manufactured in photovoltaic and touch-screen modules, making it highly attuned to being used in a wide range of consumer electronics. This market is highly fragmented and complex in nature. There are numerous players creating a perfect competitive environment. The market is growing primarily due to rising demand for touch enabled devices as transparent conducting material is sorely needed for touch screens. The explosion of a display technology is reliant on a key component that is both transparent and able to conduct electrical charge.

The global Transparent Conductive Film Display Market Size is expected to grow at USD$ ~5.74 Billion by 2023, at ~8.8% of CAGR between 2017 and 2023.

Transparent Conductive film for display Market Segmentation

The Transparent Conductive film for display Market has been segmented on the basis of Material, Device, end -users and region. The smart devices era has emerged as a result of continuous technological advancement. The fluctuating price and the limited geographical availability of indium have led to greater need for development of non-ITO-based transparent conductive coating. Conductive nanoparticles, as well as other doped metal oxide and conductive polymers, are expected as the next promising replacement for ITO for display in transparent conductive film. In the forecast period, the established Transparent Conductive film for display vendors will acquire smaller vendors to expand their product and services and will boost the market shares. The market is also characterized by the presence of numerous well-diversified international and regional vendors.

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Key Players:

  • Canatu Oy (Finland)
  • Cambrios Technologies Corporation (U.S.)
  • C3Nano (U.S.)
  • Gunze Ltd. (Japan)
  • Teijin Ltd (Japan)
  • Toyobo Co., Ltd (Japan)
  • TDK Corporation (Japan )
  • Dontech Inc. (U.S.)
  • Blue Nano Inc. (U.S.)
  • Nitto Denko Corporation (Japan)

Market Research Analysis:

On geographic basis, Transparent Conductive film for display market is studied in different regions as Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of world. It has been observed that North America region is leading with largest market share growth in the Transparent Conductive film for display market. In this market, Europe is to be estimated to be the largest market for Transparent Conductive film for display during the forecast period. And with the increased number of startups and small companies in the Asia-Pacific region, the production and consumption of transparent conductive coating in various application such as consumer electronics, photovoltaic, OLED and EMI shielding and antistatic coating, are increasing with the establishment of new manufacturing facilities.

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