, - She considers today a very defining milestone, a long and blessed journey in her career. Her TV career has started when she was 16 years old. She was discovered in a Fire Prevention Contest. She was asked a question and her answer was, "I would like to be a journalist and I want to tell the stories of people and I want to make a difference." As the years passed by, she continuously pushed her self, worked hard and her TV show stayed for 25 years. Just a few years ago, she decided to find and discover herself out of the comfort of popularity she has. She decided to break a new ground and ended the show and launched her own Oprah Winfrey Network. After a year, she was put in different news articles stating she wasn\t doing better on her own., "She was embarrassed and realized she wasnt stuck in a hole. She was reminded that troubles dont last always. Now, her own network is doing great because she was motivated to do something out of it.", , - She looks at those trials positively. She realized that those negative things along her way to success are really part of it. We should stumble in one way or another to realize which way we want to go., , - As an STIer, I can make a difference by finishing my studies, graduating with honors, showing my patience and persistence to others, being an example, influence the next generation, empower and encourage others that LIfe may not be a smooth path as always but we can always find a better way to achieve our goals. Our life will not end the moment we finish school, our story begins after we did and that story we should build is a story our kids may look up to in the future., , "- Yes, I absolutely agree. A face-to-face conversation with people we may disagree with is a lot better that posting status, comments or sending private messages so we can look them in their eyes and speak our point of views. We should always stand in somebodys shoes to understand each other.", , "- We can be a responsible social medias user by the means of reaching billions of people in a short span of life. What we all wanted is to be heard and theres a lot of ways we can do it nowadays. We shouldnt get into fighting but we should use these media to empower and influence people for their own good.", , - She said that we should have an internal GPS that would tell us which way to go. Graduated from a good school is your calling card that would tell more about who you are. Emotional compass is important as well as to which attitude and emotions you should possess whether you have a lot and achieved success and you failed and continue to seek yourself., , "- I believe in the idea of helping one another instead of hating one another. All of us learn from our own experiences. The experience I had may not be the same as what others had, but I can teach someone from my own experience. Its also great living in a world seeing people giving what they can to others. We are responsible individuals and we should also be responsible for helping others. As she said, extend your kindness to others.", , - It is important for us to be validated and understood by others because this is our way to simply know if we are heard. It is also our way or sign to check if what we are doing is okay, if what we said was heard and if our thoughts were understood. ,