What is the problem/conflict in the story of Three letters from teddy?
, is a story written by Elizabeth Silance Ballard. This is about a fifth grade pupil, Teddy Stallard who struggled with his studies because of being a low performer in class. Ms. Thompson, his teacher, had some form of prejudice towards Teddy at first but as she eventually learned more about Teddy’s life, she exerted more effort in assisting the kid in class. The teacher’s help, altogether with Teddy’s effort, made him successful in life., The , " is the negative preconceived thoughts of the teacher, Ms. Thompson, towards Teddy. This prejudice has lead Ms. Thompson to learn more about Teddys struggle at home which is the main cause of his minimal performance in class.", The , of this story is that teachers must always treat everyone in the class fairly and that they should exert more effort on the low performing ones because it leads to success. Success yields success. Teachers must never give up on their students.,