Complete the following tables of values to investigate lim┬(x→0)\u2061〖(x-1)/(x+1)〗. If x=-0.35 what is f(x)?
, If x= -0.35 f(x) is -2.0769. , Limits give us an idea on the value that a given function "approaches" as x "approaches" a certain value. Based on the question, we are tasked to investigate the limit of the function , as x approaches 0. Ideally, we should test multiple values of x with numbers that approach 0 such as 0.0001 or -0.0001 to find the value of f(x). However, since we are given a value of x, which is x= -0.35, we will use this to determine the value of f(x). Here are the , 1. If x= -0.35, we will substitute -0.35 in replace of x in the given function , . , 2. So , becomes , . , 3. The answer is -2.0769. Therefore, as x approaches 0 using the value of x= -0.35, the value of f(x) is -2.0769. , Those are the steps and answer to regarding the given question. We can also use other values that are approaching 0 from the left and from the right (such as 0.0001 and -0.0001) if we want to solve further the value of f(x) as x approaches 0. , Here are other links that are related to the said topic: ,