In what way is the planet Uranus unique, A. Lacks and atmosphere?, B. it has season , C. it has a hot interior, D. it rotates on its side, Which planet has a tilted axis of rotation similar to earth which means it has seasons?, A Neptune, B mars , C Jupiter , D Neptune
, Uranus is the only planet in the solar system named directly after a Greek primordial being , , the sky god and father of the Titans in Greek mythology., The Uranus is the seventh planet from the , next to , , and the only planet that rolls around the Sun on its side or , , each day and night lasts 42 years., • 92° tilt, • Coldest Planet, • 13 rings, • 27 moons, Planet Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun next to Earth, named after the Roman war god also known as , in Greek Mythology., "Mars is known as the Red Planet because of the reddish dust or abundance of iron oxide (rust) within its atmosphere or scattered over its surface. Mars is the only planet along with Earth to have an atmosphere and daytime temperatures remotely akin to our planet, thats why it has seasons.", • Tallest Mountain ( Olympus Mons), • Great White Spot ( North Pole), • 2 moons, #CarryOnLearning, #BrainlyOnlineEducation, #LearnAtBrainly, ,